❤ Brent and Kallie - Honeymoon Cruise

Booked my cruise for my honeymoon, and walked me through everything I had to do before we boarded the ship.  I was clueless on what needed to happen and was helped tremendously.

 ❤ The Rey Ramirez Family

Family Fun!

 ❤ Joel and Kayla

Tirzah booked cruises for our honeymoon and one year anniversary.  First of all, the owner made everything simple and easy.  I told her the dates that I wanted, and she gathered all of the information for me.  She organized and highlighted the details of all possible cruises, which made it easy to select which cruise was perfect for us.  She also books the best possible room, such as by an elevator or in the middle with less swaying.  She even haad a surprise for us to make it even more special.  We had a honeymoon dinner with cake and champagne.  She is always eager to answer any questions when completing paperwork, looking for shore excursions, or even knowning what to pack.  Tirzah made vacations fun, easy, and special!  I will only use Tirzah for all future vactions!!

 ❤ Jake and Whitney Roehl - Wedding and Reception at Tirzah

Bride:  Your kindness was beyond what we could have asked for.  We know you are glorifying God with all you do; He is ultimately who meets our needs.  

Groom:  When Whitney and I first saw Tirzah, there were questions about whether or not it could REALLY host a wedding.  Luckily, Tirzah is owned by Diana Roberts, and she is a VISIONARY of wedding design.  Whitney and I wanted to make this video so that anyone who was thinking of booking her venue could see the difference from our first look to finished product.  Tirzah will always be a magical place to us!

 ❤ Prohibition Prom

Thank you for a Memorable Night during this uncertain time.

 ❤ Eric and Candice

Many special memories were made on our romantic voyage that will be treasured for a lifetime!

​​ 115 N. East Street

 Belton, TX  76513 

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 ❤ Josh and Ashley Champ - Wedding Reception at Rustic Acres

Bride:  Thank y'all for everything!  It was PERFECT!  We can't thank you enough for helping with our wedding.  You ladies did a tremendous job, and I wasn't stressed one bit ... yay me!

Mother of the Bride:  Thanks Diana and Candice!  You made this so easy! We couldn't have done it without you!  

 ❤ Luke's 1st Birthday

He's a Wild One!

 ❤ Maddie's 18th Birthday Tea Party

A fabulous evening for tea!  You blessed us immensely, and I cannot thank you enough.

 ❤ Jason and Tricia

Beautiful, Diana and Candice! You are doing amazing things with this venue, and are so perfectly suited to creating wonderful experiences and memories!!

Love Letters

Tirzah ... A charming vintage venue for Special Celebrations. Our one focus is Love!

We are founded on Christian beliefs. Our name is inspired from Song of Solomon 6:4.

 ❤ Thomas Watson - United States Virgin Islands

I had a wonderful time, wish I could have stayed even longer!

 ❤ Joshua and Christine Marin - Wedding and Reception

Bride:  Thank you ladies so much for everything you did for us yesterday!  Everything ran so smoothly, and everyone had a great time.  I can not imagine our day without y'all there.  Thank you.

Mother of the Bride:  Having you here was such a delight.  We really appreciate all your attention to detail. Thank you again for making this such a success and a perfect day!  We could not have done this without you, Candice, and Cory.  It was truly a beautiful wedding.